Product management.
Learn how to manage your project throughout its life cycle, make your strategy more reliable and optimize your cost/performance ratio.
With our expertise built upon our experiences in various sectors and life cycle disciplines, we support you in accomplishing your goals.
A unique method.
HemE created the 4 pillars method to help you implementing the vision of your project in the long term.
Customized tools.
Equipped with the right tools that HemE provides you with a service that is as close as possible to your needs and ambitions.
Our clients work in different business sectors
Program management pillar.
The vision that your project deserves.
Cost of ownership pillar.
Understand your investment and your recurrent costs.
Information management pillar.
Communicate and exchange information. In the appropriate format. At the right time.
Integrated logistic support pillar.
Anticipating the future begins with a good analysis of the present.
Systecon provides the OPUS Suite (OPUS10, SIMLOX, CATLOC) that allows the integration of technical, organisational, operational and economic data and information for logistic support analysis. Used worldwide in the transport, defence and energy sectors, these tools provide the capability to optimise, simulate and estimate the ratio cost/performance of a product throughout its life cycle.

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Galorath provides the SEER-Suite (SEER-H, SEER-SEM, SEER-MFG, SEER-IT, SEER-SYS) that allows the estimation, analysis, planning and control of the costs, stakes and risks of your program. Used worldwide in different sectors such as defence, manufacturing industry or information technology, these tools provide a capability for estimating the life cycle cost of a product in the early stages, using parametric methodology. 

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