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A product managed across its
life cycle

Discover what is behind the management of your product across its life, control its assets and risks and understand all aspects, particularly the in service support. HEME is there to help you fulfilling your objectives with a vision focused on the life cycle of your product while balancing Cost-Performance and Corporate Social Responsibility

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The 4 pillars

The method of the 4 pillars has been created by HEME to provide a solution for managing a product across its life cycle. It is the backbone that helps maintaining a holistic view of the performed work. This method allows you to identify rapidly the 4 important poles to consider: the program management, the cost, the data and the logistic support. Each of these points is fundamental to keep sight on the structure of your product management and must be controlled at all times. HEME supports you in the application of this method and provides services that fulfil your requirements and ambitions.

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From A to Z

HEME supports you in all stages of your product life cycle. Thanks to its expertise and network of partners, HEME provides the necessary tools for the implementation of an effective method, and guides you in mastering. Through adequate training HEME provides to professionals autonomy and self confidence that allow them delivering the best from each opportunity.

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